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Body Massage

Improves blood circulation by using essential oils that can enhance the quality and color of your skin's health significantly. Choose essential oils that suit your needs to get the maximum benefit .

60 Minutes IDR 390,000
90 Minutes IDR 550,000
Benefit : Massage using warm stones can heat the skin , open pores , and prepares your skin to absorb the oil massage better and balance of positive and negative energy from your body .pijat this can be done by using an effective and gentle .
60 Minutes IDR 350,000
90 Minutes IDR 510,000
Benefit : Techniques massage combination dry massage and aroma therapy oil with thumb sliding and palm sliding to help release muscle tension, improve blood circulation.
60 Minutes IDR 350,000
90 Minutes IDR 510,000
Benefit : Techniques massage using aroma therapy oil with thumb pressure and palm pressure to get a refreshing feeling & improve blood circulation
60 Minutes IDR 350,000
90 Minutes IDR 510,000
Benefit : Technique massage using aroma therapy oil with stroking movement & lymphatic drainage to reduce the cellulite firming the muscle, drain out the toxin & Improve blood circulation
60 Minutes IDR 350,000
90 Minutes IDR 510,000
Benefit : Technique massage using aroma therapy oil with palm, thumb and hand movement to balance your mind, release muscle tension and soothing the muscle
60 Minutes IDR 320,000
90 Minutes IDR 470,000
Benefit : Pregnancy massage can be doing after first three month pregnancy and help you to improve blood circulation and to refresh your body & mind
60 Minutes IDR 375,000
90 Minutes IDR 535,000
Technique massage traditional combination of point pressure, Energy meridian work and yoga like stretching for an invigorating and balancing experience.
30 Minutes IDR 195,000
60 Minutes IDR 315,000
Benefit : The simple shoulder rub and deep massage of the upper and lower back, certainly a stress reliever & relaxation optimizer
30 Minutes IDR 175,000
60 Minutes IDR 295,000
Benefit : Pressure treatment to certain point on the sole of the feet to rejuvenate tired tissue and increase blood circulation
1. Ratus V Spa
Duration : 30 Menit
Price : IDR 150 K

2. Herbal Massage
Duration : 60 Minutes IDR 390,000
Duration : 90 Minutes IDR 550,000
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Body Scrub (45 Minutes) IDR 290,000
Benefit : Avocados are rich in vitamins A & E. prevent premature aging, rejuvenating and a natural skin moisturizer . Avocados also have anti -inflammatory so it cools the skin . Suitable for dry skin or are often in the cold room ( AC )
Benefit : Coffee contains caffeine which is great for inflammation of the skin , and the process exfoliator (remove dead skin cells ) . disguising cellulite , skin tightening and anti -oxidants
Benefit: Javanese body scrub made from natural plant extract , which serves to remove dead skin cells , invigorating , lighten skin color and suitable for sensitive skin
Benefit : Green tea is packed full of goodness and antioxidant's that help calm, reduce redness, reveal radiance and create silky soft skin that looks healthy and has a glow all year around, making it the perfect scrub for this time of the year to help prolong the summer glow.
Benefit : Chocolate contains anti -oxidants both to protect the skin from UV rays , brightening , look Younger, and great for slimming process
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Body Masque
Benefit : Shown Sexy and charming Several therapies such as herbal masque wrap designed to streamline and provide a pattern on the body , moisturizing or skin tightening ,Warm the body or relax and soothe muscles .
Benefit : Milk and honey is good to provide nutrients to the skin , moisturizes and gives skin elasticity and good for dry skin.
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Hydro Therapy Bath (45 Minutes) IDR 270,000
Benefit : Improve sleep and reduce stress effects of hot water helps to calm the nervous system and the endocrine and put our bodies on the " low point, good for release tension, antiseptic .makes it easier for us to fall asleep and helps relieve stress and anxiety in daily life
Benefit : dried roses and milk are rich in vitamins E and C , which serves to provide freshness and moisture to dry skin and helps lighten skin color
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Cleaning Face helps clear the skin, removes toxins caused by pollution, grease and dirt found in the environment in your daily life. facials can help slow the aging process of the skin and make the skin look younger and feel more supple.Stimulates Blood Flow Facial treatments help improve and restore circulation to the skin layer, increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the skin cells.

DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL (60 Minutes) IDR 390,000
FACE MASSAGE (30 Minutes) IDR 230,000
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Hair Scalp & Treatment (75 Minutes) IDR 380,000++

Hair care is done to maintain the elasticity of the hair from the daily routine , maintaining the health of the scalp from dryness and oily skin , hair loss , and maintain good blood circulation in the head so that it can help reduce stress and headache complaints . Including : Hair wash, Hair mask & Head Massage, Back Massage & Hand Massage, Normal Blow dry Hair & Scalp Treatment can be done 1 week 1 times.

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Nail Treatment
SPA MANICURE OR PEDICURE (45 Minutes) IDR 220,000 ++
SPA MANICURE & SPA PEDICURE (90 Minutes) IDR 390,000 ++
care for the feet and hands is very important , because a lot of work in our bodies . To look more relaxed and comfortable in everyday life we need to do a manicure and pedicure treatments serves to facilitate the circulation of the blood , keeping finger nails and toe area in a healthy state . Including ( Scrub, Cuticle cuting, Nail cuting, Hand & footMassage, Masque,Buffing and Nail Colour
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Vienna Spa Ritual
Spa Signature
  • Chocolate Ritual ( 150 Minutes ) IDR 1,093,000 Single / IDR 2,136,000 Couple Including : Aroma therapy footbath,Choco body scrub,milky choco body masque,javanese massage,and face massage
  • Herbal Signature ( 120 Minutes ) IDR 846,000 Single / IDR 1,652,000 Couple Including : Aroma therapy footbath,Lulur body scrub,Herbal relaxing bath,and tradional indonesia massage
Spa Packages
  • Exotic of Java ( 90 Minutes ) IDR 599,000 Single / IDR 1,160,000 Couple Including : Aroma therapy footbath, Choice of Body scrub and Javanese massage
  • Renewal Retreat ( 120 Minutes ) IDR 694,000 Single / IDR 1,348,000 Couple Including : Aroma therapy footbath, Choice of Body massage and deep cleansing facial
  • Detoxifying Serenade ( 120 Minutes ) IDR 884,000 Single / IDR 1,728,000 Couple Including : Aroma therapy footbath, Coffee scrub, Herbal masque and French massage
  • Skin Glowing ( 150 Minutes ) IDR 1,131,000 Single / IDR 2,212,000 Couple Including : Aroma therapy footbath, Avocado scrub, Honey& milk body masque, Rose milk bath, Choice of body massage
  • Shooting Lullaby ( 150 Minutes ) IDR 732,000 Single / IDR 1,424,000 Couple Including : Aroma therapy footbath, Hair & Scalp treatment, spa manicure or pedicure
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Kids SPA

Special care is given to children the age of 1 - 10 years . which is very important for children's growth , especially in the mindset of children and make children more active , confident and did not feel any pressure . accelerate blood circulation and increase appetite.

Kids Massage
  • Hump Back (30 Minutes) IDR 180,000 ( Including Shoulder, Back Massage, Chest Massage )
  • Hump Full (60 Minutes) IDR 250,000 ( Including Back Massage, Hand Massage, Feet Massage, Head Massage )
Kids Spa
  • Honey Bunch Scrub (60 Minutes) IDR 250,000 ( Including sesame & Honey scrub,Shower Inluding Hair Wash & Head massage, Body lotion )
  • Fruity Bath (45 Minutes) IDR 220,000 ( Including bath therapy & relax with lemon & apple, Hair wash & Head massage, Body Lotion )
  • Colour Me (30 Minutes) IDR 150,000 ( Express manicure & pedicure Including art colour with flower for Hand & feet )
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